About Oui Carole

melissa chataigne artist oui carole

OUI Carole is a curated concept shop of one of a kind handmade
goods by TV Host, personality and Fashion Stylist, Melissa Chataigne. Oui Carole is inspired by her mother. 

small batch | sustainable | handmade

As an established fashion stylist and TV Personality, Melissa began working with ceramics to connect to her mother's favorite creative medium. She designs inspirational and gracefully functional clay-ware that reflects a timeless aesthetic. With an eye for understated elegance and in celebration of her mother's spirit, she hand-builds and hand-throws each one-of-a-kind pieces in downtown Los Angeles. 

It is her belief that focusing on small curated batches encouraging intentional living in alignment with purpose and appreciating the importance of each step is what makes each piece personal and unique. Her work is inspired by Ojai, the female form, minimalist design and her mother, Carole M. Chataigne.

melissa and carole chataigne